How to Create Blog Titles and Content Ideas

Month-to-month blogging for your business can be a time-consuming task, especially when it comes to thinking of fresh and enticing content titles! That being said, with enough creativity and a little bit of fore planning, it doesn’t have to become a monthly slog.

Here are a few simple tricks of the trade to keep your blog titles and content ideas both catchy and original:

Thinking out-the-box

In today’s world we are bombarded by content, literally by the minute. How does a business and the content it creates begin to stand out? This calls for an out-the-box, creative strategy, including the use of what is ‘trending’ in the content marketing world – even if this sounds contradictory!

It pays to do your research and then get creative! Think things like: short videos, gifs, short and catchy content titles, ‘listicles’ – a popular form of articles based on lists of items, ‘How To’ articles, quizzes and even games.

Work smart, not hard

In a day and age where time is money, it quite literally ‘pays’ to maximise every hour in the work day by working smart. Building up a content title ‘library’ is one of the best ways to save time on coming up with fresh content marketing ideas. There are numerous tools online that assist with this process, spewing out content titles when you input a simple keyword and the click of a button.

By developing a bank of catchy titles, you can draw on these for inspiration, while also ensuring your titles aren’t an afterthought, as this is generally your content’s biggest drawcard. Some handy sites to assist with content generation include:

Leveraging the concept of the ‘click-bait’ title

The ‘click-bait’ titles of today can be highly sensationalised purely to draw attention, but the honest truth is that it works, but it doesn’t have to be all glory and gore! As a blogger looking to draw in your audience, the same thought process applies – catchy, creative titles that tug at human emotion are a winner. Your content titles don’t have to mirror the highly sensationalised ones of today, but rather, using the same strategy of capturing attention will help to draw in your audience.

Content titles that are short, no longer than six words, personalised to individuals, rather than a huge audience and address a human ‘need’ or emotion are rated as some of the most effective.

Turn the tedious task of blog title and content idea creation on its head and change up what you’ve been doing. Sometimes, a fresh new mind-set and inspired approach to what some may consider a menial task can help to stir up creative juices and get your content ideas overflowing!

Failing that you could always outsource your content to a reputable agency or copywriting agency to do it for you. Outsourcing your content to a team of dedicated writers allows for consistent, high quality work, often written with a fresh perspective. Additionally, these writers will have an insight into best writing and SEO practices, will be better at leveraging resources and can generally meet your deadlines – no matter how tight!

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