Freelance Writers

Alfalfa was birthed pretty painlessly in 2010, when an idea spent a few months with some money and hard work. The business has changed shape from those early days, but our attention to detail and the quality content we put out, has remained consistent throughout the years.

What we believe about content marketing

There is no reason why you should not be able to afford well-written, relevant content for your blog, website or social media profiles, to help you with your content marketing efforts. We also understand that as a growing business, you don’t always have the resources to spend on making sure you have consistent, fresh content being published. By outsourcing to professionals, you can rest assured that your social media channels will be populated with engaging content, that speaks directly to your target audience.

We work with you to make sure that the content we create, not only reflects your brand but will also help with getting you noticed on search engines.

Who works here?

Liz is the driving force behind Alfalfa’s daily duties and is responsible for liaising with clients, managing writers and proofreading most of the content which comes through the system. With a decade (or few) of experience in advertising and marketing, operational event planning and notably her own business in contract publishing, Liz is a publishing editor passionate about the written word.

As a proud Mother of two spirited boys, when Liz isn’t neck-deep with making sure your content is perfect, she enjoys empowering women through cycling, and spending treasured time at Yoga or on her SUP.




Candice was the ideas girl way back in the beginning. With a BCom degree in Marketing Management and Tourism, she started her career in the tourism industry, and ended up as head of social media for an international online marketing company, before heading out to grow Alfalfa.

As head of content strategy, Candice makes sure that your content is working for you in the best way possible.

Candice suffers from middle child syndrome which is soothed by being the favourite daughter, she enjoys travelling, running and dark chocolate.

What’s in a name?

Perhaps you are wondering how on earth we came to the name ‘Alfalfa Content Generator’?  Well, back when things were just getting off the ground, online content was referred to as ‘fodder for the internet’, so after sticking all the synonyms, adjectives and relevant SEO searches into our scientifically engineered, name generating algorithm – this is what came out.

Not very methodical in approach, but we liked the sound of it, so it stuck ☺

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