Writing Blog Posts | Content Marketing

What are Blog Posts?

Blogs are incredibly effective in helping your website rank on search engines like Google. Generally, blog posts are around 450 – 500 words long, contain links to relevant resources and have interesting images or videos. Blog writing is less formal so you can connect with your target market on a personal level and blogs also offer the opportunity to inject some fun and interactive elements into your website like polls and count-down clocks.

Blogs need to be updated consistently in order for them to be effective and it is here where Alfalfa Content Generator can help you by offering blog writing services.

How does a Blog help?

A regularly updating blog provides fresh content, creates opportunities for other people to link to you (backlinks) and can provide value to your target market in the form of relevant information and news.

Google also likes fresh, new, relevant content – which is exactly what a blog provides.  From a marketing perspective, a blog can help in creating a relationship with your target market by providing interesting, helpful information and also opens up channels of communication which raises your credibility.

Having a blog post on your website will result in naturally optimised content, helping you to rank well for your specific search terms.

What do you need to do?

Alfalfa offers blog post packages which include strategy, title suggestions and related Facebook updates. We also offer a Facebook advertising service, where we will manage ads to boost this content, driving more people to your blog, maximising the impact.

Having a blog on your website has so many benefits, get in touch with us today to help you with your content marketing and blog writing.