A pretty BnB or guesthouse website is simply not enough

Guesthouse or BnB owners often spend loads of cash on the lay-out, images and functionality of their website. However, what they often fail to appreciate is that content converts and sells.

Let’s use the example with which you as a BnB or guesthouse owner would be familiar: An elegant establishment with an updated and comfortable interior will initially get guests through the door. However, if you as a host don’t make your visitors feel welcome and meet or even exceed their expectations they are not likely to be back, nor will they refer their family or friends.

The same applies to your website. Spectacular images and a beautiful layout will attract visitors, but if the communication is poor they just won’t book. All your design efforts will be in vain (and your money down the drain) if your content lacks quality and the power to convince.

In short, pretty does not do it. Substance does.

Great content should be:

Written with the lay-out and design in mind.

The web designer and copywriter should work closely together during the planning and design stage. They have to share ideas and concepts, and find a balance between design, images and content. The design should support the words, and vice versa.

Crafted by a professional.

Business owners then tend to use inexperienced writers or even family members to “come up with a few sentences to fill the empty spaces”. They fail to appreciate that high-quality content could mean the difference between a full house and empty beds.

A memorable story.

Storytelling is a powerful way to engage potential guests on an emotional level. Think of how you want guests to feel when they spend a night or three at your guesthouse. Is it warm, comfy and safe? Do you want them to stay at your establishment again? All right, now write your content in the same tone. Wrap your guests in your welcome embrace and tell them a story, make them feel appreciated with your words.


Tell guests exactly what to expect when they book accommodation with you. Include as many details as possible so that there are no nasty surprises. A picture speaks a thousand words, but can also hide a multitude of sins.

Great content alongside great design will go a long way in increasing your bookings. If you are serious about projecting a professional image of your BnB or guesthouse, outsource your content creation to a company that knows how to develop content that converts.

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