4 Reasons NOT to use your cousin to write your website content

Though it may be tempting to employ your cousin to write your website content, it does not bode well for the online effectiveness of your guesthouse or BnB. Unfortunately, being an English A student at school does not turn you into a professional English copywriter..

Copywriters are professional

Gifted with an innate ability to write content into natural, reader-friendly target language text, copywriters hone their skills over many years. It really does your business a disservice to have an incredible offering, but then to lose people on the way the content is written.

It may sound like it’s ok to you, but if your mother-tongue language is not the same language as your target market, and as the content on your website, then you may run into a few embarrassing ‘lost-in-translation’ issues.

Here are four reasons why you should invest in the services of a mother-tongue copywriter

Writing is a skill

The ability to capture the essence of a written piece in another language is a skill. Unless you’re a professional translator, it makes sense to hire a copywriter to write in the language of your target audience. A copywriter understands the nuance, and the tone that are used to communicate and is able to convey that effectively and naturally in the target language. No mechanical or machine speech.

Potential guests need to be enticed

When you have to persuade a potential customer to buy from you, you need someone who understands the art of persuasion, in the language of choice. If you trust Google Translate or a cousin to interpret the content of your BnB’s website for example, your well-intended message may easily get lost in translation – literally.

Your reputation

Your image as a reputable and professional establishment runs the risk of being damaged by inaccurate and misleading website content. Well-written content which is understandable and grammatically correct, communicates efficiency and attention to detail.

Quality and consistency

When you use the services of professional copywriters whose language is that of your target market, you don’t have to lose sleep over the quality and consistency of your website content. You can rest assured that the wording is accurate and that the tone of the target language has been accurately captured.

If you need some help making sure that your content makes sense in English, then get in touch, our team of professional English copywriters can make sure you’re not making any faux pas’.

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