Working Holiday Must-Haves

If your December holiday and New Year memories are fading as quickly as time is passing, then you may already be scheming about your first quarter break, perhaps even over Easter which is only a few weeks away!

For those who have jobs that can be done online, planning a ‘working holiday’ is fairly simple. So much so, that you’re probably already staring out of your office window and thinking about packing a suitcase and your laptop and heading off to the next beach, mountain or even into the bush for a working break.

Before you head off to the airport, make sure you run through our destination checklist or you could just come back and find yourself out of a job.

Travel light

We don’t mean take a small bag, but rather offload and outsource any work that can be done by someone else. A working holiday shouldn’t mean being inconvenienced into doing work that can be outsourced while you are away.

Check the time difference

Your colleagues who have to get up and go to the office will probably not appreciate a 2am meeting. So be prepared and schedule ahead.


South Africa has expensive data, so make sure that wherever you are going has cheap and reliable WiFi. Some hotels offer free WiFi, which means you can spend time working in the early mornings and evening, and exploring during the day. Don’t ever assume you will just be able to get connected – check ahead.

Increase your communication options

With reliable WiFi already taken care of, you need to be able to set up face to face meetings as well as be available for ad hoc questions or discussions. Emailing and cellphone calls are great, but often it’s just not enough. Download a video chat app like Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime if you have an iOS.

Availability and consistency need to be your top priorities when you’re on a working holiday so that your time away doesn’t unnecessarily inconvenience your boss or co-workers. Make sure you think out of the box when it comes to preparation to cover all possible scenarios.

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