Using Content to Gain Trust

Gaining the trust of your audience is a key step to converting casual blog readers into paying customers. Trust is why so many websites feature reviews and testimonials. Without signs that your brand has credibility, consumers have little to quieten their doubts. So how can you use content to build brand credibility?

Create the perception of authority

To build trust, you need to create the unshakeable perception of your authority in your industry. Firstly, it’s crucial to post content relevant to your audience that educates and informs. Outsource content marketing to skilled writers to ensure that you craft the right perception.

Secondly, influencer marketing provides a simple and effective way to build trust. If industry figures who your target market regards highly share your content or speak well of your brand, this is a powerful vote of confidence. To get influencers to share your content you can:

  • Mention them contextually in your content and inform them via email or DM of the mention
  • Ask for their insights for a guest interview
  • Get active sharing and commenting thoughtfully on influencers’ own content – getting on their radar is the first step

Make sure content delivers what your headlines promise

There are countless websites that serve up headlines such as ‘You’d never guess what these child stars look like now!’ This practice, click-baiting, works for tabloids and celebrity rags. Yet if you want to build trust you need to deliver value that matches your headlines’ promise.

If you promise 10 time-saving tips, make sure each tip really does save your reader time. Misleading headlines erode rather than build trust.

Share personal anecdotes

Sharing personal insights and anecdotes with your audience gives your content a personal voice. Readers feel like they’re being taken into your confidence. To trust you, your audience need to see you as a real person who has similar emotions, experiences and aspirations to themselves.

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