Top 3 Destinations for Digital Nomads

Swapping an office cubicle for a coffee shop and a car for a bicycle is slowly giving rise to a new wave of digital nomads who are working smarter, rather than harder. With our never ending digital communication options, people are learning that they can be available from just about anywhere in the world, and – with limitations, almost anytime.

If this sounds like an alternative way to breathe new life into your work and save your mental health, then have a look at our top three destinations for the new travel workers.


Ho Chi Min City is a popular destination for travellers, with large groups of digital nomads working at one of thousands of coffee shops throughout the city at any one time. You can apply for a one-month working visa which can be collected on arrival at the airport, or a three-month visa if you want to rent accommodation. Many also head over to Danang because of its exquisite beaches. English is widely spoken and rent is fairly cheap.


The beauty of Spain and its relatively cheap accommodation options make it one of the most popular destinations as a working holiday. Travellers fill the tapas bars, beachside cafes and coffee shops to set up office for the day.

South Africa

Truth be told though, you don’t even have to leave our shores to maximise on the very best that a working holiday has to offer, as our very own Cape Town tops the list of best destinations for the travelling workforce.

Apart from its numerous coffee shops, Cape Town also has a great choice of co-working spaces to meet other travellers and industry partners. You are guaranteed to encounter all types of people from around the world who are drawn to its mix of bustling inner city, perfect beaches and humbling mountain range. Not to mention how dirt cheap it all is for people with foreign currency!

If working remotely is not an option for you then maybe you should speak to your boss about telecommuting .
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