The Future Role of Content in SEO

Many SEO specialists and writers alike will be familiar with the old saying, ‘content is king’. For a long time this approach to SEO has yielding great results, drawing internet traffic and rankings to sites which are carefully designed and contain excellent content. However, with the new Google Panda update and the rise of new search types (personal, social, and local to name just three),the SEO landscape appears to be changing – how do we keep up?

Google Unleashes The Panda

Google Panda is the name given to an update of Google’s search algorithm that was announced for the first time in February 2013. Named after its creator, Navneet Panda, this new algorithm is based on the browsing patterns of real users that were studied by Google.

This piece of smart software ranks sites according to quality, reliability and speed, filtering out sites that contain too much advertising or are low quality. This new ranking approach has a few implications for those of us involved in content creation and SEO strategy.

Keeping Up – A New SEO Content Approach

As long as the internet exists, there will be a need for quality content. The key issue at the moment is how to tailor your content to the new search environment that Google Panda has created.

In recent times, content farms and other approaches to SEO marketing that included ‘plugging in’ content on a website and waiting for the traffic to arrive have lost their value, with a new and personalised approach being needed. In the era of personalised searches, we need to reach out to web users personally and keep their interest as long as possible,

Getting Personal

Today’s SEO content should be less advertorial and more engaging. We need to tell stories, to keep people interested and returning to our sites. Before developing a content strategy, take into account what your target audience’s wants and needs are. By blending marketing content with general interest content that makes your site entertaining and memorable to users, you will create an optimised site that will keep the traffic coming as the SEO landscape continues to change.

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