Seven tips for creating online content that really works

In our age of connectedness and online content, everyone is a publisher.  From the man on the street and his Facebook update to the biggest brands in the world, everyone has something to say.  Talking about ourselves online is the easiest way to be visible.  The trick for businesses with an online presence is how to stay visible.

It’s all about creating content that packs a punch and generates a buzz.   Here’s how to do it:

1. Know your goal

Web content should have a purpose.  If you need to sell something, then your content should do exactly that.  Bottom line: make sure your online content is in line with your brand strategy.

 2. Write well

Don’t publish shoddy writing online.  It makes your brand look unprofessional and you’ll lose your audience’s respect. Hire freelance writers if you need to.

3. Know your reader

Always write with your reader in mind.  Your content should not only appeal to your reader’s interests, it should also be written in an appropriate format and with the right tone.

 4. Make your content easy to find

It’s all about keywords.  Research the list of keywords that relate to your brand and use them in your online content.

 5. Hold your reader’s attention

Online readers have a short attention span and so your online content needs to be informative, short and precise.  Use simple language and say what you need to as quickly as possible.

 6. Inspire your reader

Make your reader love your content so much, they’ll want to take action and share it with others so that they do the same.

7. Include images

Your content must be eye-catching.  Studies have shown that an image is the first thing that draws your eye to any form of content.  Like your writing, your images should reinforce the professional image of your brand so keep them high quality.

That’s it! Not much else to it.  Go out there, shout about yourself; inform, inspire and wow your audience with slick writing, awesome images and always, always keep your audience front of mind.

Writing Online Content

Written by:  Melissa Fagan

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