Personal branding: What is it and when should you build your brand?

Business branding is important for marketing your business services or products. Yet personal branding is an equally crucial aspect of selling your expertise online. What is a ‘personal brand’, exactly and why exactly is it so important?

Defining ‘personal brand’

Your personal brand, like a business brand, is the image you communicate in the digital arena. This consists of everything from how you share your expertise to the visual and verbal elements of your digital, professional persona.

Building a strong personal brand is essential if you want to sell your expertise. If you wanted to monetise your knowledge, for example. Before creating an eBook or developing online courses, it would be smart to build your personal brand. This would increase prospective customers’ trust.

When should you build your personal brand?

It’s always a good time to build your personal brand. The more people perceive your unique expertise and ethos, the more these will be in demand. It’s important to build your brand when you have a start-up or small business and need to establish greater authority in your niche.

How can you build your brand?

There are multiple ways to make your unique brand stand out:

  • Start a blog where you share your expertise: Outsource content creation to competent and professional writers to save time
  • Create an email signature: Link to your website and other owned web properties to make every email you send foster awareness of your personal brand
  • Write guest posts for relevant websites: Sharing your expertise on news websites and blogs relevant to your niche builds personal brand recognition. Again, outsource your guest post creation to free more time
  • Attend and speak at expos and conferences: Events in your niche are ideal opportunities to network with individuals and businesses and showcase your personal brand. You could discover new partnerships.

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