Market research sites to reference

In content marketing, having concrete data and statistics to back up the points in your blog posts is a major signal of authority. When even a casual reader can see you know your subject and have done your research, this builds trust.

Well-researched content is more likely to get shared and earn backlinks from other websites (an important search ranking factor). Here are some market research sites you could reference in your next post:

  1. BMI Research

This research company, a subsidiary of the FitchGroup, offers reports on South African sectors from telecommunication to transport. Although the full reports cost upwards of $1 000, there are also free ‘views’; brief articles offering insights on various economic and commercial subjects.

  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

PwC is a useful source of information on commercial subjects such as banking in South Africa. Their annual ‘Banking in Africa’ report, for example, gives insights into how the money services industry is changing and embracing new technologies. Referencing other influential research providers in your industry niche builds your own authority with readers.

  1. Nielsen

Nielsen is a go-to source for statistical insights, globally and for Sub-Saharan Africa. On their website, you can find statistics and perspectives on everything from the performance of retail loyalty programs to commercial trends in sport. It’s a worthwhile resource to scour for relevant information when you are writing a blog post that requires a little supporting data.

Internet surfing through the mass of information on research sites, of course, can be time-consuming. Instead, work smart (not hard) and outsource research-driven content to experienced content creators!

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