Yes, LinkedIn is still relevant in 2017

The relevancy of LinkedIn in 2017 has a lot of people confused. The business social networking site has over 400 million users and is continuing to see a growth in publications. It is a place where industry partners meet and connect on a purely professional level.

Of course active users may be somewhat less, but even half of this number of active users is a substantial amount of people wanting to network.

To keep up with industry leaders and place yourself in a position of leadership within your industry, you need to be showing off your skills in a place where other business minded people are connecting.

There is no other way to network in 2017 than online

In 2016 LinkedIn was found to be over 250% more effective at generating business leads than both Facebook and Twitter – in South Africa and globally.

LinkedIn has placed itself in a niche position as far as social media platforms go, by eliminating the social side of the networking. While LinkedIn is mainly a B2B platform for publishing content, it speaks to clients and potential employees and employers alike.

People who use LinkedIn as a serious networking tool are seeing the rewards, and it is these business leaders who understand the value in a place where businesses are promoting themselves and each other. The business and industry relevancy of the information posted on LinkedIn is why there is a higher consumption of user published information here than on other social media platforms.

LinkedIn also “connects” people as opposed to the popular method of gaining followers. Because really, when all is said and published, that is what business networking is about. You lend someone a hand, or show an appreciation for their business knowledge, and when the times comes they will do the same for you, business to business.

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