How to Promote Your Content Without Using Advertising

Click-through rates from paid ad campaigns can be high. Yet your cost per click or impression can also be expensive. Especially when there is high competition for your ad audience within your niche. So how do you increase your reach without paid advertising? Try these approaches:

  1. Create research-driven, original content

Creating content for your niche based on original research is a surefire way to make your content shareable. When your blog posts contain useful data such as statistics, graphs and charts, big influencers in your industry are more likely to share it.

A research-driven approach to content (infographics, for example, work well) can skyrocket your reach. If you aren’t a pro at creating this type of content yourself, outsource.

  1. Create the definitive guide on a subject

Great content organically helps you get broader reach. When your content gives the ultimate guide to a subject (such as ‘How to sand your own floors’), you also have a better chance to rank for this term in search, organically.

The higher you rank, the higher the click-through rate, and these clicks won’t cost you a cent. Outsource content creation to skilled SEO writers who can create content around relevant ‘how to’ terms.

  1. Create content capitalising on industry trends

When your content is relevant to your audience, readers will be more inclined to share your blog posts. Keep tabs on what terms your target market is searching most often. Timing is a key element of content marketing success.

If your content is useful, evergreen and keeps abreast of emerging trends, it will help you grow your reach regardless of the size of your advertising budget.

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