Getting People to your Facebook Fan Page

With 800 Million users already registered, Facebook is the premier social media website. With this opportunity to reach prospective clients, many businesses are creating Facebook pages to promote their products and services and build their social media presence. If you’re thinking of joining the ranks of these Facebook entrepreneurs, remember the golden rule: your page is only as good as the number of visitors it attracts.

If you want your Facebook fan page to keep clocking up the ‘likes’, here are some strategies you can apply to establish your presence and generate new leads – by making your page a magnet for visitors.

  • Use Widgets: By embedding your Facebook page in your company website or blog, you’ll draw more visitors who will ‘like’ what they see!
  • Add your Facebook web address to your email signature – everyone you correspond with by email will be able to visit your page.
  • Link your personal Facebook page to your company’s page. Your friends and colleagues will easily be able to visit and ‘like’ your page, or recommend it to their friends.
  • Link your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to your Facebook page by tweeting the link regularly and adding your page to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Use Facebook Ads – they are a great way of directing people to your site, and if you can get fans to ‘like’ you in the ads, all the better!

How to be liked a lot

Once you have 25 likes or more, you can create a page which contains your company name in the title. After you’ve done this, keep the likes coming by making your page attractive and enticing. Don’t direct fans to your wall where other fans’ messages may bore them, instead make your landing page the focal point, with a great design and regular videos, links to other sites, and competitions to keep your fans returning.

Don’t forget regular Facebook status updates, which will keep your page in sight and very much in mind. It’s also important to interact with your fans by replying to comments, and offering answers and solutions to questions they may have.

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