Corporate Is Competitive: 5 Reasons To Outsource Content To Get Ahead

The competitive nature of the corporate world means that you need more than a ‘me too’ approach to online marketing. To truly get ahead in the corporate world, you need to excel in every area, not just match your competitors. Here are 5 reasons to outsource content to experienced content creators who can help you go a step further:

1.     You have limited time and resources to devote to online marketing

Many companies spend large portions of their communications budgets on PR and marketing strategy such as events and promotions. Yet to truly get ahead in corporate, you need a rounded online marketing approach too that helps showcase your company’s unique value across all platforms with equal aplomb.

When you outsource content creation for digital channels, you’ll have more time to focus on other important tasks.

2.     You need SEO-friendly content that will help your website rank in search

Google continuously updates the algorithms it uses to rank websites in search results. To feature in search results, you need SEO-friendly content on your website that Google’s bots deem relevant to your industry niche. Factors such as visitor engagement also matter, so the ideal content is written equally well for search and for real readers.

3.     You need content that fits your digital publishing platform

Social media updates differ from long-form content such as blog posts and landing pages. Most obviously, they differ in length. Yet each platform has a different kind of audience and has different best practices. Outsourcing content creation to digital experts is one way to ensure that everything you publish strikes the right tone for the platform you’re using to build your corporate authority.

4.     You need content that builds your authority

Your corporate authority grows when influencers and individuals begin to recognise your voice as important in your niche. How do you grow this authority? By consistently producing benchmark content that gives practical value to viewers and readers. You could try to produce this content using internal company resources, or you could outsource content production to professionals who are adept at creating messages that are always on-brand.

5.     You need content that broadens your reach and influence

The more eyeballs on your website and other online properties (such as social media accounts), the more reach and influence you gain. Great content is shareable and will earn comment and feedback from visitors to your blog or landing pages. Outsourcing content creation to professionals who understand the components that give content viral potential will help you grow your online presence and influence.

The corporate world is busy and demanding. Make sure this doesn’t cause you to neglect creating blog posts, social media updates and other content that will grow your business authority. Outsource content creation instead.



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