4 Reasons NOT to use your cousin to write your website content

Oct 18th, 2017 in Online Marketing, Online Travel writing, Outsourcing

Though it may be tempting to employ your cousin to write your website content, it does not bode well for the online effectiveness of your guesthouse or BnB. Unfortunately, being an English A student at school does not turn you into a professional English copywriter.. Copywriters are professional Gifted with an innate ability to write…

Outsourcing – The Rise of Uber and Airbnb

Feb 22nd, 2017 in Outsourcing

In recent years, businesses that follow the maxim ‘work smart, not hard’ have all but displaced major industry competitors. Uber and Airbnb are two examples. Both are similar because they’ve used outsourcing to create profitable businesses without the usual associated overheads and risks. The benefits of outsourcing: Not sweating the small stuff Uber, the ride-sharing…

Working Holiday Must-Haves

Feb 16th, 2017 in Outsourcing

If your December holiday and New Year memories are fading as quickly as time is passing, then you may already be scheming about your first quarter break, perhaps even over Easter which is only a few weeks away! For those who have jobs that can be done online, planning a ‘working holiday’ is fairly simple….

Take Small Breaks that Look Like you’re Still Working

Jan 26th, 2017 in Outsourcing

Standing desks became the new craze when Dr James Levine coined the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”. Suddenly there was lots of scraping back of chairs and assembling of cardboard boxes to elevate laptops to eye-level. While standing for 8 hours is infinitely better for you than sitting for the same period, not everyone can…

How to produce maximum content and still enjoy your holiday

Dec 21st, 2016 in Outsourcing

Many jobs don’t simply stop when the holidays roll around and content marketing is one such jobs. To be effective on social media, you need to be continuously active. This means that the person responsible for the company’s web and social media rarely gets to take some time off to recharge, because their career and…