5 Basic Pointers for Using Linkedin for Business

In social media marketing, it’s often challenging working out which channel to target, given the broad range of social platforms and the demographic differences between their user bases. LinkedIn is a valuable channel for growing your reach. Due to its business focus, it’s especially useful for B2B marketing. Here are 5 basic pointers for using LinkedIn for business:

1. Create a comprehensive, engaging company page

Although you could network with LinkedIn users via your own professional page, a company page will grow your reach and give you a platform for engaging LinkedIn users interested in your products or services. Include a detailed ‘about’ that uses keywords relevant to your business. (For example a real estate company would include terms such as ‘residential property’ and ‘real estate’.)

Besides adding your company logo and a compelling banner, ask employees to connect with your page from their personal profiles. This will already start building your reach.

2. Use LinkedIn for business to generate B2B leads 

LinkedIn’s business focus sets it apart from other platforms. Turn your company’s LinkedIn page into a lead generation powerhouse.

HubSpot used their header image to promote one of their guides for social media marketers, increasing their page’s lead-generating potential. Generally, make sure your page clearly communicates the value your business offers.

3. Use advanced search to network strategically 

LinkedIn has comprehensive networking features. Use LinkedIn’s ‘advanced search’ to find influencers and peers in your niche worth connecting with. You can find people by current company, industry, location and much more. This opens great B2B possibilities. A business that supplies light fittings, for example, could connect with local architecture firms and interior designers.

4. Share engaging, relevant updates with your LinkedIn audience

LinkedIn updates are a space to showcase your expertise and build your authority within your industry. As you grow your LinkedIn audience, you can start sharing content relevant to their professional needs and interests. Mix short-form status updates sharing relevant, useful videos and articles with long-form article publishing.

Due to your targeted networking efforts, you will have a receptive audience more likely to share your posts, which in turn will produce more exposure and increase your following.

5. Outsource LinkedIn content creation 

Because it can be challenging staying on top of multiple social media channels, outsource your LinkedIn content creation. Purposeful content on trending topics will help you grow your reach and brand on this valuable platform.


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