3 Online marketing trends for 2017

As the New Year becomes a reality, it’s time to start looking ahead as to how you will grow and develop your brand in 2017. To truly gain traction, it pays to keep abreast of online marketing trends, so that competitors don’t beat you to capitalise on the latest winning tactic. There are many online marketing trends that will be big in 2017 but here’s our pick of the top three:

  1. A holistic, integrated approach to social media and SEO 

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an important branch of digital marketing. Without optimising your website for search, you can’t organically reach the millions of people searching for products or services within your industry niche.

2017 will see a holistic, integrated approach to social media and SEO. While in the past, SEO specialists focused on creating keyword-rich content for blogs alone, it’s now apparent high social shares help search rankings. This makes sense, because if content is shared widely it’s a strong signal that it is relevant, and useful.

  1. The continued rise of the smartphone 

As increasing numbers of people continue to use their smartphones as primary internet browsing devices, you can expect 2017 to be the year of mobile.

Make sure your website is optimised for mobile viewing, and mix long-form content with shorter pieces that are tailored to a mobile-first audience. Outsource content creation to ensure you have a mix of content for all visitors.

  1. Intelligent content strategy 

As customer personalisation data becomes increasingly available and there are more ways than ever to get insights into how and why people engage with your content, 2016 is the year of intelligent content strategy.

Businesses of all sizes are recognising that if you work smart not hard in your social media strategies this is the best recipe for scalable success.

Do you need strong content strategy for 2017? Take a weight off your shoulders this year and speak to Alfalfa today about our content marketing services. Let us find the words while you focus on the heart of your business.


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